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Live casinos are tailored to make online casino gaming fun and thrilling. Right from the time a player makes the game to the payout process. Real money gamblers are not always for fun, but they play to win as big as possible. While wins are not guaranteed in online casino gaming, players are usually keen to choose casinos that offer the best payouts in the market.

Payout percentages can be extrapolated to shed light on the average amounts that a player can get while playing a given casino. That said, this write-up seeks to help live casino players discover casinos that offer the best payouts.

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Best Payout in Live Casinos

The live casino industry features plenty of games. Given that live gaming is a multi-million dollar industry, players are always keen to find games that offer the best payouts. There are many avenues to follow when looking for lucrative payouts in the live gaming industry. This article will share a list of some of the best paying live casinos that any punter will come to appreciate.

How to Find the Best Payouts in Live Casinos?

Live casino players are often critical about winning at live dealer games. For a fact, not all live games are the "perfect" gambling activity. With the number of live casinos increasing by the day, some casinos have proven to be a cut above the rest as their payouts are relatively high. This is often interpreted to mean that they value their players and strive to provide them with value for their money. Having said, here is what it takes to find the payouts in live casinos.

House Edge

The house edge comes first when looking for casinos with the best payouts. Live casinos games that offer an average payback percentage between 95% and 97% are highly regarded in online gaming circles. Of course, these composite averages do not provide guarantees, but a superior payback can be interpreted to mean a better chance.


Not everything about online casino payouts revolves around real money play. Bonuses and other promotions offered by the casino significantly influence the payout amounts. However, there are instances where live casinos limit some high-paying games from counting towards the playthrough or wagering requirements. Therefore, players should opt for high-paying games that contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements.

Customer Reviews

Online casino players should always pay attention to online casino reviews when looking for the best payouts in live casinos. Payouts are often highly regarded by casino players, so you can never miss a post touching on payouts. In most instances, player reviews are viewed as an undiluted source of information, especially on payouts.

Highest Payout Live Casino Games

Any punter who wishes to generate significant profits in the long should undoubtedly stick to live dealer games that offer the best payouts. Live dealer table games provide superior payouts in most casinos, especially when put against virtual slots and arcade games. That said, here is a list of live dealer casino games that offer some of the best payout rates in the industry.

Best Live Casino Games Payouts


Blackjack offers some of the lowest house edges in live dealer casinos. The house edge is often about 1% and can be reduced further to even 0.17%. The main reason why live blackjack has an "unusually" lower edge is that it only uses one or two decks instead of nine used in land-based casinos. Thus, playing at a live casino table where one deck is used further to lower the house edge for the best payouts is recommended. A player's RTP can be as low as 99%.


Craps is a game of chance. For most live craps games, the house edge stands at about 1.2%, but some casinos further reduce this edge to 0.6%. However, the odds of winning while playing craps largely depend on the type of bet that the player is placing. In light of this, new slot players who want to end their sessions in profits are advised to stick to simple line bets with the lowest house edge.


Roulette is yet another highly regarded game in live dealer gaming circles for its attractive payouts. However, the trick is usually to play the right variant with the roulette. American and European roulette tables have 38 numbered pockets featuring "0" and "00." However, the French variant has only a single "0," thus 37 numbered pockets. This seemingly minor disparity explains why European and American tables have an edge of 5.26% while the French's are only about 2.7%.


Baccarat players usually have two main options (Banker or Player) while pitting their chances against a live dealer. Baccarat offers considerably good value over other live dealer games. The Banker's hand has odds of 1.06% while the player has 1.24%. Looking at the odds, most players fancy playing the Banker bet. Unfortunately, most live dealer casinos are aware of the edge offered by this bet and thus impose a tax on this bet.


Slots are among the most played online casino games. While there are many online slots variants, live slots offer many opportunities. Most live slot games offer return-to-player values of up to 99%. Better yet, free spins bonuses availed to live casino players further enhance the chances of winning big from a single spin.

Video Poker

Video poker is another casino game that appeals to online players for its generous payouts across different variants. Most video poker titles have an average payout of 96% or higher. Rarely will a player find a poker title offering a payout lower than 90%. Being strategic or playing the right hands goes a long way in lowering the house's edge even further.

Sic Bo

The house edge or RTP in Sic Bo is somewhat fixed. This essentially means that no known strategy can turn the odds in their favor. The house edge in Sic Bo can be as low as 2.78%, which translates to an RTP of 97.22%. In addition, the RTP can be as low as 70.8%, depending on the bet. The good thing about live Sic Bo's 97.22% RTP is that it allows players to be general or specific with their predictions.

What is the Difference Between Payout Rate and House Edge?

Payout rate, also known as the return to player percentage, is a ratio of the total amount of money that a casino gives back to players. The difference usually caters to the casino's operating costs and its margins. Ideally, casinos with high payout rates offer more cash prizes, and players stand a high chance of winning at the casino.

The house edge is a term that quantifies the mathematical advantage that the casino game has over players. This advantage is essentially an assured return to the casino operator over time.

Ideally, both the house edge and RTP values are designed to shed more light on the prospects of winning at any online casino.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is a payout percentage?

A payout percentage is the proportion of the money, expressed as a percentage of winning by a casino. To a player, this percentage offers an idea of how much they can expect to win on average from any given casino. For instance, a casino with an average RTP of 95% makes a payout of $95 for every $100 wagered at the casino.

What is considered a good payout rate?

Now that different casino games offer different payout rates, it is hard to precisely come up with a specific value of a good payout rate. Any rate above 97% in online gaming circles is considered favorable to the player. The higher the payout rate, the higher the chances of a player having a take home.

What is the best payout?

99%. It is worth noting that blackjack tables offer some of the best payout rates, marginally shy of 100%. This means that blackjack players enjoy a considerable foothold at any live casino that they choose to play at. However, as far as winning goes, high payouts are never assured, considering that the house will always have the edge over the player.

What is the fastest payout?

Players at fast payout casinos usually have an average of 48 hours to make payments. However, the time it takes to process a payout usually depends on the payment method you choose. For the best experience, players are advised to play at instant payout casinos, most of which use cryptocurrencies.

How do I find the best payout in casinos?

Players can find the best payouts in casinos by doing some due diligence. Besides a general online search, reading through the best payout casino review sites is usually a good place to start.