Best Lucky 7 Live Casino in 2023

The establishment of different live casino games continue to intrigue the gambling enthusiasts. However, it does not stop them from enjoying games that have been in existence for years. Here is a look into the Lucky 7 card game.

What is Lucky 7?How to Play Lucky 7How to Win at Lucky 7
What is Lucky 7?

What is Lucky 7?

Lucky 7 is an interesting competitive game where solitaires are played using coasters utilizing luck to accumulate points. Lucky 7 is playable by many and has no age restrictions. However, seven is the magic number in this game whereby it’s regarded as lucky, perfect, and wonderful.

To strike a win, a player must predict whether the card in line will be below 7, above seven, or just seven. Besides, players are given different winning options like guessing whether the coming cards will red (hearts, diamonds) or black (spades, clubs). Also, players can predict whether the cards will be dealt will be even or odd.

What is Lucky 7?
How to Play Lucky 7

How to Play Lucky 7

The direct and straightforward games rules around the live casino games make playing Lucky 7 exceptionally easy. A player only needs to have the main bet in place or a few side bets to participate in the game. The dealer is responsible for dealing the cards, and the players have to wait and find out if they’ve hit the lucky number. However, all the output revolves around the number 7.

How to Play Lucky 7
How to Win at Lucky 7

How to Win at Lucky 7

Before the dealer starts dealing the cards, all interested players must place their bets. However, the dealers deal one card each round. How do players know they have won? After the outcome is displayed, it’s when players can realize whether they’ve lost the bet or won.

Possible bets include:
• 7 down where the value of a card is below 7
• The card is exactly 7 or
• 7 up, which shows the card in line will be of a higher value than 7

Moreover, players can put a wager on side bets concerning the card coming next. The side bet can be placed on even or odd numbers or between red and black cards.

The amount of winnings will be determined by the amount of money a punter committed before the cards were dealt. However, betting companies have a minimum and maximum capping for every round.

Lucky 7 Rules

The game has several rules that enhance transparency and ensure every player doesn’t feel cheated. They include:

• Must deal out all the cards. However, an individual must be picked to hand out the cards facing down to everyone in a clockwise manner.
• Only between three and eight people can play the game at one time.
• The cards must be arranged following their suit and order. This enhances their focus when formulating the cards dealt at them.

Although each game has its rules, Lucky 7 has simple rules easily carried out by different generations without complexities.

Luck 7 Strategies

Although it’s an easy game to play, players can lose their bet if they have no sound plan. Below are strategies that can boost winnings in a Lucky 7 game;

Start small: Before betting large sums, it’s imperative to start small. Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of the game because every loss amounts to asset loss. Increase the bets with time and when the winning streaks increase.

Have trust in the casino: Is the casino site reliable and trusted with player’s money? Check their license and other permits issued by the Gaming Authority to be safe.

Use statistics: each provides players with 8 decks having four 7s. Do the maths correctly before starting the game, or trust your guts to enjoy the game.

How to Win at Lucky 7


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When Was Lucky 7 Invented?

Formed by Martin H. Samuel and later published in 2003, the game has seen different innovations making it accessible to players in and out of casinos. Players can now download the game app though and enjoy a live casino card game using Android phones.

How are the Lucky 7 Odds Calculated?

Casinos offer double if you picked the right color or pay four-times more if the correct suit is chosen.