June 9, 2021

Alternative jobs for professional video poker players

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For newcomers into the world of video poker, the prospect of making a living out of it may seem appealing. And that’s absolutely true if you employ the right poker strategies and hope that Lady Luck is on your side. Still, bending cards forever is not everyone’s cup of tea. Even the luckiest players quit playing poker as soon as they make decent wins. But what next? This article will discuss how you can live a lavish lifestyle without spending too much time on a poker table.

Alternative jobs for professional video poker players

Amount Pros Make from Playing Online Video Poker

First of all, you can enjoy more than 100% RTP by playing Deuces Wild and Joker Wild poker variations. Even better, the 10/7 Double Bonus can offer a meager house advantage of 0.8% when playing with 1-4 coins. Sadly, most of these games are only available in specific Las Vegas casinos. Also, amateurs might find it challenging to keep up with the fast pace of the games. But how much do poker players make? Although the number might vary, poker players who place small bets online can make up to $5000 on a good month. On the other hand, those who play poker at online live casinos can double the amount. However, you’ll need a proper poker cheat sheet even to hit a quarter of these amounts.

Which Alternatives Do You Have?

Be a Casino Industry Professional

The casino industry is enormous. Here, there are plenty of other lucrative jobs that a professional poker player can do. For instance, you can use your poker expertise to become one of the most feared croupiers around. The good news is that the casino will pay good money to prevent dealers from rigging games and taking tips. Besides being a poker dealer, you can also become a pit boss, floor attendant, poker tournament supplier, or even launch your own live casino online.

Become a Freelance Poker Writer

The rising popularity of video poker only means that more players are picking interest. So it’s common logic that most new players need help on how to win playing this game. Fortunately, you can share your poker knowledge on a simple poker blog. You don’t even need a Degree in Journalism to become a professional poker writer. Just make sure you can write competently and start searching for gigs on poker forums.

Factory Worker

With industries setting up virtually everywhere, finding a job in one of these dark and dingy places should be simple. On average, a factory employee takes home $15 per hour, which is way more than you can earn playing video poker. But don’t always go for the money because some factories can expose you to risky situations.

Mathematics Teacher

Surprised? No, you shouldn’t! Poker is one of those games that require great mathematical skills to succeed. For this reason, ex-poker players make fantastic teachers because of their knowledge in bankroll management, probability, anticipation, and more. Will Ma, a former poker player who is now a tutor at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), is a good example.


A janitor is another surprising addition to this list. Although janitors do some messy jobs like cleaning the washrooms, taking out the trash cans, and mopping floors, they still earn more than a pro video poker player. Averagely, this profession pays $12 per hour. Now that’s good pay without the ‘demonic’ house edge haunting you.


Technically, becoming a professional poker player looks rewarding on paper. However, you’ll need to beat the house edge and exercise strict personal and bankroll management to succeed. So, it’s best to play any casino game just for fun as you pursue another profession. Treat any winnings you make as a bonus.

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