October 10, 2020

Live Streaming Has Changed Live Casinos

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Live streaming has changed live casinos

The gambling business has really benefited from the improvements in the live streaming technology, and it’s only getting better day by day. The use of cameras and microphones is how you can play live casino games as if you were at a real casino. There are plenty of people who totally love these games and those make them feel like they’re playing at a physical casino, something which is a great advantage. The most popular games are blackjack and roulette, and that’s why there are so many variants of these. However, the live casino games are wide. There are dice games, poker, baccarat and others. Your incredible experience is great nowadays when compared to a few years ago thanks to some amazing inventions:

Live Streaming Has Changed Live Casinos

Hyprsense Hypermeet

This brand has made a huge improvement to the live streaming world with facial recognition. Basically, this new facial recognition solution dubbed Hypermeet and lets people create averters for online gaming. This is much better in order to improve online gaming security and also to enhance your gaming experience.

Evolution Crazy Time

It was earlier in this year that Evolution Gaming introduced Crazy Time. This is a wheel game that features a wheel with many bonus games. It’s possible to bet on many sections like numbers and even bonus rounds. This game mixes the gameplay of other games like Cash Hunt, Cash Hunt Pachinko, Coin Flip and even Crazy Time. It’s possible to trigger bonuses even 6 minutes. This is definitely a great game at any live casino.

Microgaming and Hacksaw partnership

Microgaming, a producer of many live games, has announced that will merge with Hacksaw gaming. Their games are considered some of the most advanced ones when it comes to live streaming. This new merger basically means that casinos that have this developer’s platforms have the possibility to increase the offer with Hacksaw’s hits such as Stick’em or even Scratch Platinum.

PokerStars Virtual Reality Poker

There are a lot of online casino that have begun to adopt the VR technology for their games. Although this type of tech has been around for some time, it has high costs. The PokerStars VR Poker helps to give a view of how the industry is going to look in a few years from now. This VR Game was launched in late 2018 offering players an immersive poker experience through the Oculus Rift. They had the ability to manipulate cards and chips and even to talk to other virtual table mates. This game was built with the partner of Lucky VR. This platforms even includes an in-game camera for live streaming and even interacting with the other gamers, and there’s also the opportunity for you to enjoy virtual cigar and to share the whole experience on social media, if that’s what you want.

Nvidia Broadcast App

It was earlier this month that Nvidia launched Nvidia Broadcast App. This new application introduces AI to a gamer’s live streaming setup. It syncs microphones and webcams, making them smart devices with AI abilities. For example, when it comes to live streaming, the sound can have a low quality and the live video might be a bit shaky. However, Nvidia Broadcast App will take care of that. This app makes people look and sound better regarding any live streaming situation, which is a huge benefit for online live casinos.

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