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Pragmatic Play's Mega Sic Bo is a Sic Bo game that was published in 2020. With a new spin on classic Sic Bo gaming, the game is also common with other great live casino software providers.

This live game uses a unique Mega Multiplier method with payouts up to a thousand times the stake. Live Mega Sic Bo features a stunning user interface and studio setting. There is a live chat available, and statistics from past rolls are available to players.

Live Mega Sic Bo has Re-bet, Autoplay, and Double Bet interface options. Also, the live game has detailed maps and statistics to help players make informed wagers. The live games table's primary and only operational language is English. There are no native-speaking tables available for the Live Mega Sic Bo game by Pragmatic Play. Individuals can, however, modify the game interface's language to suit their preferences through the browsers.

What is Live Mega Sic Bo?How to Play Live Mega Sic BoLive Mega Sic Bo Payouts
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What is Live Mega Sic Bo?

What is Live Mega Sic Bo?

Pragmatic Play first hinted at the possibility of developing a live casino game featuring multipliers in early 2020. The game is a traditional Asian game with no drastic adjustments made by the developer. Pragmatic Play usually sticks to the basics and adds some flavor. But when comparing the game to others from different suppliers, the payout rates do not have to be the same.

Superior video quality and innovative in-house video broadcasting distinguish Pragmatic Play's latest addition to the best live casinos. Live Mega Sic Bo is a new variation on an ancient game that depends entirely on luck and the outcome of three dice rolls.

What is Live Mega Sic Bo?
How to Play Live Mega Sic Bo

How to Play Live Mega Sic Bo

Individuals enter a magnificent live casino studio decked in crimson and gold whenever they start the game at a Pragmatic Play live casino. The studio is primarily influenced by Asian style, as are the most common Sic Bo casino games live.

Live dealers take their seats in front of a round table with the dice shaker in the center. There is a betting setting below the video broadcast. It may appear not very comfortable at first. However, when one has gone through the bets once or twice, they will feel more comfortable betting. The goal is to forecast the dice roll outcome. The start of betting time is indicated by a green bar. Players have twenty seconds to place their round wager.

The layout features fifty-two betting places and allows players to wager on one or more simultaneously. Players can place bets on the outcome of one, two, or all three dice. Evens or odds, totals, little or large, and doubles and triples, are some of the bets available in Live Mega Sic Bo.

The Rules for Live Mega Sic Bo

Players have a limited time to choose one of the coin values and place it on the table during the game. Participants can bet on the outcomes of one, two, three dice, or any combination. Any bet that an individual places is accepted until the timer runs out.

The game assigns multipliers to random betting locations after punters finish making their bets. The number of spots raised and by how much is selected at random. However, there is a limit to how much specific betting positions can be multiplied by the multiplier.

A glass-domed dice shaker is used. Three dice are forced to roll and bounce inside the shaker when the machine is turned on. When the shaking ceases, the dealer shows the round's result. Players win the corresponding cash award when one of their wagers occurs.

What is Essential for Players to Know?

With each round, try to cover as many betting possibilities as possible. The game encourages participants to take this method, but one must be careful not to lose too much money to stay lucrative. Also, the risk and return need to be carefully balanced in the best Mega Sic Bo tactics. Players can place three bets at different odds, for instance. This gives players a chance to win considerable while limiting their expenditure with hedged low-risk plays.

How to Play Live Mega Sic Bo
Live Mega Sic Bo Payouts

Live Mega Sic Bo Payouts

Payouts are slightly lower compared to regular Sic Bo betting odds. However, this is counteracted by multipliers, which can greatly increase the winnings.

  • The Small/Big pays a 1:1, same as the Even/Odd.
  • Double and Triple pay 8:1 and 150:1 respectively.
  • Any Triple pays 30:1 and a Total 4 or 17 pays 50:1.
  • The Total 5 or 16 pays 20:1, Total 6 or 15 pays 15:1
  • Total 7 or 14 pays 12:1
  • Total 8 or 13 pays 8:1
  • Other payouts are 6:1 for a Total 9 or 12,
  • Total 10 or 11 pays 5:1
  • A Combination pays 5:1
  • A Single pays 1:1.

Everything adds up to an RTP of 97.22%, which is comparable to the competition in the live dealer online casino. This does not apply to the four even money bets (small/big, even/odd, etc.). The house edge percentages on the other bets vary, but 95.47 percent is by far the lowest. When compounded, any of these wagers can pay out substantially more. The lowest bet is $0.5 and the highest bet is 5,000USD.

Live Mega Sic Bo Payouts
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