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Blackjack is a classic live casino game popular among players worldwide. Evolution’s Live Blackjack VIP is the fastest, slickest, and most feature-rich live dealer online casino blackjack game. Everything is carefully designed for the greatest possible gaming experience on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The game is also available on a huge number of live tables and customized tables developed specifically for each operator making Evolution stand out among live casino software providers.

VIP Blackjack adds to the intrigue, providing high rollers with the experience only the top casinos can provide to the live games. High-wagering customers can play with like-minded individuals in the specifically tailored VIP atmosphere at live casinos. Players can get the complete VIP experience from the comfort of their own homes with live casino versions.

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What is Live VIP Blackjack?

This lightning-fast blackjack game offers a realistic blackjack experience unlike any other. The studios are softly lit where the blackjack live casino live table games are set up in the center. The friendly dealer greets players at the table and introduces themselves. Everything on the table is visible even if the rest of the room is dimly lit.

This VIP live blackjack variant does not have a soundtrack and instead focuses on providing an authentic casino experience. Players hear mild discussion from other tables in the background, just like they would in a real casino. It gives the impression of being on a crowded casino floor, which adds to the experience.

How to Play Live VIP Blackjack

The blackjack table takes up the entire screen, whether users are on a desktop or a mobile device. The gameplay is fluid and simple to follow. Players are presented with three betting boxes and must choose how many and at what odds they want to bet. Participants can play high in one box and low in another because each is a separate bet. It's entirely in their command.

The Rules of Live VIP Blackjack

In Live Blackjack VIP, six 52-card decks are jumbled together before each hand is presented, and the dealer does not receive a hole card. The dealer must hit on any totals of sixteen or less, as well as soft seventeen, which is a hand with an ace that totals either seven or seventeen. If players hit blackjack, they are paid. However, when the player's hand loses to Blackjack, only the mandatory first wager is forfeited, while all other optional bets, splits, and doubles are pushed and returned.

Additional Features

The Live Blackjack VIP game from Evolution Gaming is unique in that it offers a few additional unique betting possibilities. The first is Pre-Decision, which can assist speed up this already fast-paced casino games live. Players can choose to hit, stand, double down, or split simultaneously as the first player with this option, and one won't have to wait their turn. This feature makes the game livelier and allows for greater engagement.

There are also side bets such as 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. These bets add to the excitement and provide more betting options to players. If punters’ first two cards dealt are a mixed, colored, or perfect pair, they can increase their winning rewards with the Perfect Pairs side bet. The side bet lets players win on various poker-style card combinations. These are made up of players’ first two cards and the dealer's face-up card.

What Should Players Consider?

Seasoned players may find the usual game too slow. This VIP game however enables Fast Play in the menu, which speeds up dealing and removing cards from the tables at the best live casinos. There is also a Re-bet button that allows participants to repeat their previous round's bet rather than having to individually place a stake on each of the three betting boxes. All betting bays are well defined, and the visual design is tidy with no clutter. All controls are easy to understand, there are bet limits, and the cards are clean and clear.

Live VIP Blackjack Payouts

Punters are able to play one hand at once while following conventional blackjack rules with Live Blackjack VIP. The dealer patiently waits for players to place their bets and make their judgments as the game is played at one’s leisure. If one manages to hit the ultimate winning hand, known as Blackjack, they receive an instant 3:2 payment.

The game has low volatility and an RTP of 99.28%. The minimum stake per hand is €50.00, with a maximum wager of €5,000 per hand.

If the stakes are enormous, the rewards are much greater. The casino live dealer has a soft 17 on the board. After insurance bets are put in, the dealer can peep for Blackjack. This release from Evolution Gaming includes two side bets.

Perfect Pairs is the first, and it pays players if their first two cards make a pair. The second is 21+3, which uses the players’ hand and the dealer's up card to make a three-card poker hand. The higher the payoff, the better the hand.

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