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Live dealers make or break a live casino game. It is the dealer who will oversee the game proceedings, delivering cards or undoing roulette spins and other activities for players as they enjoy gameplay. It’s important for players to remember that the live casino is something of a hybrid of both the convenience of online gaming and the thrill of a true-to-life casino experience. The dealer makes sure that both of these aims are achieved.

Read on to learn more about the attributes of the best live dealers in online casinos. This will help players to choose the ideal casino studio for their gaming needs.

Live Dealers in Live CasinosWorldwide Live Casino Dealers

The South American market is vast, and only a few live casino software operators have so far succeeded in conquering it. Punters from the region have readily taken possession of casino tables presented by live dealers online. There are regular visits to these live casinos despite locals’ apparent preference for sports events over live gambling options.

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North America is frequently credited as being the genesis of modern-day live dealer casinos. However, it is not the gambling utopia one may imagine due to issues like shaky legislation and volatile markets. Several of the best online casino with live dealers in the United States and even Canada use offshore studios to stream their live games.

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Asia has a large and well-established gambling community. Local players can enjoy luxurious sessions at massive casino resorts in Macau, Singapore, and many other locations. From high-end games to those with lower stakes, world-class casinos operate around the clock and throughout the year. Not all gamblers can visit these famous casinos in person, however, with live casinos offering a viable alternative.

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Online casinos with live dealers have become a vital part of the digital gaming landscape. Thanks to modern technology and an increasingly global outlook, gamblers from around the world can connect with the thrill and excitement of a live casino gaming experience. At the same time, they achieve the convenience and simplicity of gaming from their own home.

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LuckyStreak Delivers the Excitement of Casino Floors in Blaze Roulette

LuckyStreak Delivers the Excitement of Casino Floors in Blaze Roulette

LuckyStreak, a leading supplier of table games and live dealer titles, has announced live casino fans can now enjoy playing on an extra Dual-Play Roulette table. This new addition broadcasts live from the company's Oracle Casino in Malta. Oracle Blaze Roulette delivers a more immersive experience thanks to its three Dual-Play tables.

SA Gaming Announces New Version of Andar Bahar with No-Commission Mode

SA Gaming Announces New Version of Andar Bahar with No-Commission Mode

Andar Bahar is today one of the most played live casino card games. It's an easy game to understand, as you only need to back the Andar or Bahar side to win a bet. Like Live Baccarat, the main hands have a 50% chance of winning. That's why some casinos take a commission from winning hands to give the house an advantage.

Playtech Presents New Live Casino Game Jumanji The Bonus Level

Playtech Presents New Live Casino Game Jumanji The Bonus Level

Playtech has announced a brand-new game, Jumanji The Bonus Level. It's a live game show that combines movie effects of the renowned Hollywood film (Jumanji) and an immersive live gaming experience inside a modern studio with professional live dealers.

Stakelogic Rolls Out Its Updated and Dynamic Live Casino Lobby

Stakelogic Rolls Out Its Updated and Dynamic Live Casino Lobby

Stakelogic Live, a premier supplier of live casino content, has proudly unveiled its brand-new Live Game Lobby. This lobby is designed to offer an upgraded and modern live casino experience for players worldwide. It boasts a unique combination of features and aesthetics to ensure gamers get the best in the market.

How to become a dealer in live casino?

How to become a dealer in live casino?

Live casino games are taking over the iGaming scene, thanks to their immersive and realistic gaming experience. But for these games to reach where they are, the live dealers have played their part. They are responsible for welcoming players and making them feel at home.

Tips for Tipping in Casinos

Tips for Tipping in Casinos

Tipping the dealer has always been a dividing subject among casino players. While some players argue that the dealers should live within their paychecks, others claim that tipping the dealer improves their overall gambling experience. So, which argument is correct?

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Live Dealers in Live Casinos

What makes for a great casino live dealer? A well-trained dealer is a crucial aspect of gameplay on live casinos, so this is an important consideration. The right dealer will adopt a slick and professional approach to gameplay while remaining warm and friendly. They will also be fluent in the native language of the player, making gameplay accessible to all.

These are just a few of the things that the best live dealers need. Take a look below for a few more critical aspects of the top live dealers in the market.

Professional Attitude and Training

The live casino dealer will need to have a highly professional attitude. They will essentially act as the center point of the gameplay, and they will need to keep the experience moving forward for players while simultaneously retaining a warm and friendly tone.

They’ll also need to be very highly trained. They will need to know their games inside out, with a clear understanding of all the rules and gameplay elements. This instills confidence in live casino game players while also maintaining a smooth and streamlined gaming experience for everyone involved.

Native Speaking Dealers

Live casino games are offered in a range of different international locations, and the remote nature of gameplay just adds to this global potential for live casino gaming. Of course, a range of locations means that many different languages need to be supported.

Casinos will support the player experience with language translations in support and within the user interface. However, the best live online casinos will go beyond this. They will provide native language speaking dealers to offer fluent interactions to live casino players. Many dealers will be multilingual, offering gameplay in a wealth of different player languages to enhance the overall experience.

Confidence and Politeness

Live casino dealers need to exude confidence and self-assurance. After all, they are the hosts of the gaming experience, so the attention of the player is drawn to them. If they appear nervous or not in control of the situation, this does not look good from the player's point of view. Instead, the dealer must remain cool, calm, collected, and confident at all times.

This applies even when things do not go to plan. For instance, if there is a problem with the audio or video feed, the dealer will need to be able to communicate clearly to make themselves understood. They should also remain unruffled if there are any issues during gameplay — all of this contributes to a positive experience for the player.

The best live casino dealers should ensure that this confidence never comes across as rude or impolite. Politeness and a welcoming attitude to players are key aspects of the dealer's job.

Worldwide Live Casino Dealers

Live dealers are found in studios across the world, serving gamblers and communities in various locations. While the remote nature of the live online casino environment means that players can — in theory — access live dealer games like blackjack from wherever they are in the world, the reality is a little different.

Casinos still need to operate casino studios that are close to customers — this ensures that internet connection speeds and other factors are guaranteed. Bosses will also want to make sure that they are able to deliver live dealer casino games in the native languages of their players.


Most live casinos that operate for players in Europe will provide live dealers in European-based studios. Many of these studios are based in locations such as Malta or in Eastern European nations like Romania. This is because of the relatively welcoming approach that local authorities adopt to live casino games in these locations.

Romania and other Eastern European nations are particularly popular due to the relatively low labor costs and other expenses. This means live casinos that serve Western Europe will generally operate live dealers in studios and on casino floors in the East of the continent.

Common Languages Spoken by European Live Casino Dealers

Live casino dealers based in European studios will generally be fluent in the most common languages spoken in Europe — for example, English, Spanish, French, and German. This enables the casino to provide an international experience for players, even beyond the boundaries of the continent.

Live dealers are generally fluent in locally spoken languages, too, and they will likely be natives of the location where the studio is based. For instance, an online casino live dealer in a Romanian studio may be fluent in Romanian as a native speaker. The casino may seek to support other languages in the region, such as Russian or Eastern European languages.

Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific market is a highly diverse one, and this is reflected in the live casino studios that are found in this region. It's also a rapidly developing sector, and this makes the region a very popular choice for live online casinos seeking to expand and corner new markets.

Asia Pacific live gaming studios are located in areas such as China, Malaysia, the Phillippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Even countries that do not permit online gambling — or gambling of any kind — such as China, may be able to host live online dealers and casinos. This is because the gambling activity is not taking place in the country itself.

Languages in Asia Pacific Live Casino Studios

Live dealers in the Asia Pacific region will be fluent in the major international languages of their target demographics, which may include English and French for some markets, or Arabic and Russian in others.

Chinese — including both Mandarin and Cantonese — may also be spoken by live dealers in this region. This is due to the large number of Chinese speakers, particularly in markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Macau. Other common Asian languages such as Japanese and Korean may be supported by the dealer.

North America

The North American market is becoming increasingly important for live dealer casinos. This is because of the growing number of states and territories across the US, Canada, and beyond that now permit gambling.

Many live dealer online casinos will provide studios here in North and Central America, staffed by live dealers who are equipped to support local gamers.

Languages of Live Casino Dealers in North America

North American live casino dealers may provide services in English, Spanish, and French — three of the most common languages spoken across the continent. Canadian casino dealers are more likely to be fluent in French, while those in the US or in locations such as Costa Rica will often provide English and Spanish language services, respectively.

Indigenous languages may also be spoken, particularly in locations where Indigenous People's gaming operations are protected by law.

South America

South America is a difficult market for live online casinos to break into. This is because most of the countries across the continent do not permit casino gambling, nor other forms of betting and wagering. Peru is one of the few exceptions here, so live casinos may opt to base their studios and their dealers in this jurisdiction.

It may be possible for live casinos to operate dealers in other countries, too. Some countries are happy to accept live dealer casinos on their shores, provided that the gambling activities are not aimed at players from within their borders. This can be risky, however, as the local authorities may decide to change their minds.

Languages for South American Live Casino Dealers

The primary language in Peru is Spanish, and this is also the case for most South American countries. As a result, live casino dealers in this part of the world are generally fluent in Spanish. They may also provide dealer services in the Portuguese language spoken in Brazil, the Dutch language spoken in Suriname, or in the French and English languages spoken in Guiana and Guyana.

Indigenous languages may also be spoken by South America's live casino dealers.

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What are live dealers?

The term may be used to refer both to facilities that offer live online games and the people who run these games. Live dealer casinos offer games in real-time, allowing players to see and interact with dealers as games are run.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a casino dealer?

The casino dealer runs the game according to its rules, serves players, and announces outcomes. They also sanction players who cheat.

What is the average salary of a live casino dealer?

The average pay is around $17 an hour. Some casinos pay as low as $5/hour while others pay as high as $35/hour.

How do I become a live casino dealer?

Interested dealers can contact the casino they desire to work for directly. This can be done through the contact section on the website, via email, call, or live chat. Further guidance will be offered from that point.

How do I talk to live casino dealers?

Through the live stream, players can talk to dealers via their device speakers or through a text chat option.

Can the dealers hear or see me?

Typically, no. This is because they handle tons of players. However, they can read your texts and reply verbally.

Who do live casino dealers work with?

Dealers with at least a high school diploma can work with live casinos. Etiquette is a key requirement. Much of the training happens on the job.

What online casinos have live dealers?

Any casino that streams live casinos has live dealers. Players can check the specific casinos on the live casino section of this website.

Are live dealers real?

Yes, dealers are real people working in real time. They work in physical locations and collect paychecks just like a store attendant would.

Who are live dealers?

Live dealers are the people who run games in live dealer casinos. They enforce game rules and announce results, as well as interact with players.