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Live casino games suit individuals who are looking for pleasure from gambling and a means to relax. The Live Celebrity Blackjack Party by Evolution is a great choice for blackjack enthusiasts in search of a lively experience. This table game is, however, not recommended for people with social aversions. It's going to be a noisy and highly interactive session hosted by a party-oriented casino live dealer. Participants will find tables to hang out with other players or hold group debates without leaving their houses. Though rare, some live casinos provide silent tables in their lobbies for quiet players.

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What is Live Celebrity Blackjack Party?

Live Celebrity Blackjack Party is an entertainment-themed and speedier version of the regular blackjack. It is developed by one of the top live casino software providers, Evolution Gaming, which has studios in Malta, Canada, and Latvia. The game is broadcast in blue and green screen technology that gives a realistic representation of tables in the same way they appear in land-based casinos. While placing their bets, players can also see other punters trying their luck at different titles.

The most distinguishing feature of the game is that it’s hosted by an energetic dealer duo, ensuring the gameplay measures up to its name. They keep an upbeat atmosphere for as long as it takes. One of the dealers engages players in a live chat on just about any topic. This is meant to create an impression of the real blackjack celebration.

How to Play Live Celebrity Blackjack Party

Any live dealer online casino powered by Evolution Gaming has a private section featuring a well-lit studio for Celebrity Blackjack Party. Chat buttons, sound and video controls, game rules, and other navigation features are available at the top of the live casino screen. Fans will find a table with seven seats and an option for Bet Behind which allows an unlimited number of participants.

Celebrity Blackjack Party moves faster thanks to the Pre-Decision feature which is exclusive to the best live casinos by Evolution Gaming. It enables players to take actions before their turn, thereby speeding up their gameplay. With a Pre-Decision, one can stand, hit, double down, or split their initial hand no matter their position at the table.

Unlike in most casino games live where the gameplay is designed to minimize overhead costs, low stakes are allowed at the Live Celebrity Blackjack Party. So, silent players can muffle the sounds, enjoy low-limit blackjack, and forego the enthralling mood altogether.

The Rules of Live Celebrity Blackjack Party

Celebrity Blackjack Party uses 8 decks of cards, and the dealer stands on 17. If the initial hand consists of cards of the same value, then the player can split and double it down. Splitting Aces will result in one card being dealt to each. In addition, a double-down move is not allowed after splitting, although punters can take this route after their first hand has been dealt.

Splitting is always the safest option when the player has a pair of 8s or aces. Normally, punters will split to play with two hands if their first pair is identical. It gets even more interesting when they’ve got a pair of 8s or two aces. After splitting the two aces, there’s a chance of making a blackjack with a single card. On the other side, splitting a pair of 8s (an equivalent of 16, and the worst hand), reduces the risk of exceeding 21 in the next round. Splitting 8s increases the chance of getting to 18 in the next card.

Important Considerations

When playing Live Celebrity Blackjack Party for real money, players should know that they have a limited time for wagering. If players want to dismiss all side bets, all they have to do is eliminate them from the casino live table games through the advanced setting button. If they change their mind later, they can always tick the side bet box to reveal the Bet Behind, Perfect Pairs, 21+3, and Main bet.

The dealer will offer insurance when his up card is an Ace. The player will be predicting that the next card is 10, which will result in blackjack. If they choose to protect themselves with insurance, their stake is reduced to 50% of the original bet. Many times, the risk is not worth it.

Live Celebrity Blackjack Party Payouts

The chances of winning depend on:

  • What the player’s first two cards look like
  • The value of the dealer’s first card

As noted above, there are 8 decks of cards and two extra side bets (21+3 and Perfect Pairs). With the Perfect Pairs, the player bets on their first two pairs of cards. Here are the payouts for different pairs:

  • A suited pair- 25:1
  • Unsuited colored pair- 21:1
  • Unmatched colour and suit- 6:1

With a 21+3 bet, the dealer's first card and the player's first 2 cards creates a 3-card poker hand which can pay as follows:

  • Three-card Flush – 5:1
  • Three-card Straight- 10:1
  • Three-of-a-kind- 30:1
  • Straight Flush- 40:1
  • A suited kind- 100:1

A side bet requires a buy-in ranging between $1 and $250.

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