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Live platinum VIP blackjack is one of the top blackjack games in Evolution Gaming's portfolio, streamed live from Evolution's studios in Latvia. Players can access this live dealer online casino game from hundreds of live casinos partnered with the game's developers. There are no special requirements for playing the game other than punters must be older than 18 years and fulfills all provisions of the respective live casino gaming providers. Anyone who has played a different blackjack variant will find switching to the new version relatively easy and exciting.

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What Is Live Platinum VIP Blackjack

Some experts and experienced punters have described live platinum VIP blackjack as one of the most authentic and fastest live blackjack titles, played only at VIP tables. In other words, the live game is designed to offer nothing short of the best live casino gaming experience, suitable for elite players. The live game's theme involves distinctive coloring and branding. It is played on an elegant grey-colored table hosted by attractive professional live dealers.

The minimum bets are €250, relatively high compared to other blackjack tables. These limits ensure that only serious and elite punters play at the table and boost the adrenaline that punters experience while playing. Limiting the table to VIP punters also helps to ensure a pleasant gaming atmosphere is maintained at all times.

How to Play Live Platinum VIP Blackjack

Playing live platinum VIP blackjack by Evolution Gaming is majorly different from other variations when considering the game's speed. However, the rules are relatively similar to standard blackjack, with only a few differences to make the live game suitable for the target market.

Punters must start by securing a seat at the VIP table, which allows seven players at a time. The punters must also have enough funds in their gaming accounts, more than what is required as the minimum bet. The maximum bet might vary among the live gaming operators that offer the game.


The gameplay involves betting against the live dealer. Each punter can wager any preferred amount, provided it is within the maximum and minimum limits. The dealer allows punters a short time to place their bets, after which no more bets are allowed. The dealers then deal two cards to all the players with accepted bets and two cards to themselves.

Each player plays against the dealer and not against the other players at the table. The objective is to get a score of 21 or the closest score to 21. A score of 21 with the first two cards is known as blackjack, which means the player wins the round instantly. If the initial score is not 21, the players can opt to get additional cards to improve their scores. However, that comes at the risk of scoring more than 21, an instant round loss.

Other options among casino games live players include doubling down, splitting, or standing. After players are done making calls, the live dealer reveals their cards. If the dealer's score is less than 17, the dealer will draw an additional card. Players with scores closer to 21 than the live dealer win the round.

Rules of Live Platinum VIP Blackjack

Live platinum VIP blackjack uses the same rules as the standard blackjack casino live dealer game. The main difference with other blackjack live casino titles is that players have time limits to make their bets or make calls, which helps the game move faster. That allows punters more betting opportunities per given time.

The game is played using eight standard card decks. Dealers must draw if they score less than 17 and stand on all 17s or higher scores. Punters are allowed to split only once per round and can add only one card if they opt to split aces.

Live Platinum VIP Blackjack Payouts

Live platinum VIP blackjack is designed to offer nothing less than the best, including its payouts and RTP rates. The top live blackjack games offer basic payouts of 1:1, which is also what live platinum VIP blackjack offers. That means punters get to lose or double the money they wager, depending on the outcome of each round. In addition, a 3:2 payout is offered for punters who win with a perfect score.

Live casino players have several other bet options, thanks to the side bets allowed. The different side bets have different payouts. The side bet payouts offered by the best live casinos are more attractive and can result in significant winnings, given VIPs usually wager high amounts. They range from as low as 25:1 for perfect pairs side bets to as high as 100:1 for the 21+3 side bets. Live platinum VIP blackjack does not feature bet behind side bets, which are available in other variations from live casino software providers.

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