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Baccarat Multiplay is a new tool created by Evolution Gaming. The tool makes it easier for users to place live bets on multiple Baccarat tables.

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Here are the features of Baccarat Multiplay:

Multiple tables: If a user wants to bet on multiple tables, they don’t have to join each table separately. They can select all the tables and place bets at once.

Find table: Finding tables with your chosen road and longest streaks is incredibly simple. All you’ve got to do is click a few buttons.

Monitor all tables: Not only can you place bets on multiple tables, but you can monitor multiple tables as well. You can monitor up to 5 tables on your screen.

You can see info such as overall score and remaining time.

Video: Not only can you monitor the info, but you can also see the dealer's face and hear the voice. This helps make the game more interactive.

How to use Baccarat Multiplay

It’s actually quite a simple process and involves only 5 steps. Here are all the steps:

  1. Go to Lobby or any Baccarat table
  2. Open Baccarat Multiplay
  3. Choose a road type of your preference
  4. Arrange the game by the longest streak
  5. Place bets. Notification will be visible at the bottom of the screen (clicking it will take you back to the table)

As you can see, Baccarat Multiplay is quite simple to use. Now, let’s talk about 2 important things to keep in mind when using Baccarat Multiplay.

Key points

Here are the 3 key points you should keep in mind.

Track patterns: Different roads have different patterns. You should stay focused to find those patterns (especially when you’re switching after a long time or for the first).

Join immediately: When placing a bet, join a table as soon as possible. There is absolutely no need to open a table to place a bet.

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