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February 18, 2022

Authentic Gaming Debuts MultiBet Baccarat – Detailed Overview

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Game developers are constantly innovating in a bid to stay at the apex of the pecking order in the iGaming industry. One such company is Authentic Gaming (AG), which released MultiBet Baccarat late last year. This version of live baccarat is fun and rewarding, thanks to the tons of side bets on each deal. In fact, those who have played the company’s MultiBet Blackjack need no introduction here. 

Authentic Gaming Debuts MultiBet Baccarat – Detailed Overview

What is MultiBet Baccarat?

MultiBet Baccarat is a live baccarat online that doesn’t change the basics of this classic table game. Just say that this live casino game retains the traditional gameplay rules of the standard baccarat table. 

However, this game adds a no-commission mode on top of the standard mode. But that’s not all; MultiBet Baccarat features numerous side bets that you can place without wagering on the main hand. Actually, there are up to 16 side bets, more than anything you can find on a baccarat table.

How to play Authentic Gaming’s MultiBet Baccarat

As said before, there’s nothing complex about this live casino variant. Each round begins with punters placing a bet on the main or side wager. Then, you’ll set the coin value and put it on the stake you want to play. Remember, you must confirm your selected bet before the timer runs out. Else, the round will proceed with your chosen bet.

After the bets are accepted, the round will begin, with the dealer drawing two cards for banker and player positions. Interestingly, all cards are dealt face-up, making the rounds quicker to complete. 

As expected, the cards dealt to each position create the hand total. If any position gets an 8 or 9, it automatically carries the round. Alternatively, an additional card can be dealt to both sides. Also, if the card total is more than 10, the first digit is eliminated. For example, creating a hand total of 13 gives players a 3. Just get a number closest to 9 and win the round.

MultiBet Baccarat pair side bets

Live dealer baccarat fans have multiple betting and winning opportunities in this live game. That’s because the game houses some of the simplest baccarat side bets in history. The most straightforward is the pair side bets, including the banker pair, player pair, either pair, and perfect pair.

The player and banker pair are self-explanatory. Here, you just need to predict if the first two cards dealt to either position is a pair. If you do so correctly, an 11:1 payout awaits. In other words, if you bet $1 and you win, the total reward will be $12, which is your $1 bet plus an additional $11.

If this payout is too small, consider the perfect pairs instead. In this bet, a hand with two identical cards in terms of face value and suit wins. The payout here is 25:1. Lastly, either pair has a payout of 5:1 if either hand has a pair. 

Other MultiBet Baccarat side sets

The player natural and banker natural are other side bets to consider. In these side bets, the player wins if the hand scores a natural on the first two cards. A natural is simply drawing an 8 or 9. Both side bets pay out at a ratio of 4:1.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy payouts of 1.5:1 and 0.54:1 with the small and big side bets, respectively. The round ends with four drawn cards in small bets, whereas the big side bet pays if the round completes with six or five cards.

The banker and player total points also pay out at 0.7:1 and 1.23:1, respectively. The goal is to correctly predict if the total banker or player points will be over/under 9.5. 

Players can also enjoy the Dragon side bet that needs a natural to win. Besides forming a natural, gamers must win with a specific point difference. Of course, the reward is higher with a bigger point difference. The payout is as follows:

  • 4 point difference – 1:1
  • 5 point difference – 2:1
  • 6 point difference – 4:1
  • 7 point difference – 6:1
  • 8 point difference – 10:1
  • 9 point difference – 30:1

Last but certainly not least, gamers can wager on the Dragon 7 side bet. If the banker position scoops the day with three cards worth 7 points, this bet wins. The prize for correctly predicting the results in this bet is a massive 40:1.

And to wrap it up, this live baccarat online has a Panda 8 side bet, which is pretty close to the Dragon 7 bet. If the player wins the round with 8 points accumulated from three cards, they enjoy a payout ratio of 25:1. 


Overall, this live baccarat offers a gameplay similar to standard baccarat. It features many side bets, which isn’t surprising from Authentic Gaming. You can even play the side bets without touching the primary banker, player, and tie bets. All said, it’s a thrilling live dealer experience from the Malta-based game developer.

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