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Authentic Gaming launched Live XL Roulette to the live casino gaming scene in 2021. Even though Authentic Gaming’s XL Live Roulette is still a roulette at its core, it offers a rare-to-find spectacle of entertainment. This game delivers a comprehensive live dealer experience that caters to diverse roulette players’ needs. For instance, the traditional mode takes away the multiplier from the game, allowing punters to enjoy the conventional roulette feel (minus the multipliers). XL Roulette comes with an exciting twist; the multipliers offer punters a rare chance of heightening their straight-up number bets. This game also features four playing modes, each increasing both the risk and expected payoff when placing straight-up bets.

General InformationHow to Play Authentic Gaming’s Live XL Roulette
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General Information

Game nameLive XL Roulette
Game providerAuthentic Gaming
Game typeRoulette
Streaming fromEurope

How to Play Authentic Gaming’s Live XL Roulette

Nothing is surprising about how Live XL Roulette works. Anyone who has played live roulette before should not have issues playing Live XL Roulette. But for the benefit of new players who are just getting started playing live roulette at online casinos, this write-up seeks to shed light on the working of XL Roulette. Here is a breakdown of the gaming process while playing the game:

  • Choose a playing mode. Upon choosing the playing mode, players can choose the “Bet All” or the “Straight Up” option depending on the type of bet.
  • The next step is placing wagers. Players have three options here; use the Bet All function to place a bet on all straight numbers. Straight Up functions to convert any inside or outside bet into a straight-up bet, plus players can place inside or outside bets. It is worth noting that only straight-up bets qualify for multipliers.
  • Once betting time closes, the lucky number selection commences, and the random number generator (RNG) engine selects up to 11 numbers and assigns each one a multiplier.
  • The ball is dropped to the wheel, with the gaming round ending when it rests in a pocket.
  • The payouts are made, and the results are displayed. Payouts made for all bets are similar to those paid on a standard European Roulette, except for straight-up bets.
  • Once all bets are settled, the next round begins

Game Rules

Like with all live games, it is fundamental to understand all rules. Like with most roulette variants in live casinos, Live XL Roulette’s rules are straightforward. These rules are usually displayed on the welcome screen before the players move to the studio to enjoy the action. To play, the player starts by placing chips on their desired bet (outside or inside) before pressing the spin button.

Fundamentally, the elaborate gaming procedure offered by the game takes care of the need to have lengthy rules. And considering that the live dealer will be on top of things, all a player needs is to get acquainted with the different bet types in Live XL roulette. The game’s rule can be summarized as follows:

  • Punters have to select an inside or outside bet at the table
  • Players select a lucky number once all bets have been played
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