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December 25, 2021

Evolution Debuts Cash or Crash Live Game Show

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Evolution Gaming boasts a vast game catalog with 50+ games so far. And the number continues to rise even further after the launch of Cash or Crash on 22 September 2021. It’s a unique live game show that takes players on a roller-coaster ride up into the skies with a maximum win possibility of 50,000x the stake. Sounds exciting?

Evolution Debuts Cash or Crash Live Game Show

Most generous RTP rate around

Players have become accustomed to high RTP (Return to Player) rates when playing at a live casino. Well, that’s not the case with Cash or Crash. Instead, this game features a tantalizingly low RTP of 99.6%. According to Evolution Gaming, this is arguably the most generous and player-friendly game you can find at any live casino online.

RTP matters aside, Cash or Crash offers an immersive live show that requires a bit of skill to conquer. Players find red and green balls with a unique gold ball in the gameplay. It also features a 20-step, ladder-style paytable that takes you as high as you can manage. As expected, the higher you go, the bigger the payout.

The fun continues…

The live dealer draws a single ball. If it’s not a red one, the player wins a cashout. After that, they can withdraw the whole amount or half of it and keep aiming for the top reward of 50,000x the stake. Remember, players must withdraw cash before the red ball is drawn. If not, the blimp will crash, and they lose the round.

As for the gold ball, it shields players from the subsequent red ball and boosts the payout. And yes, the strategy doesn’t end there. If the shield is breached or a green ball is drawn, players can cashout 50% of their winnings and continue with the rest. Of course, you can also “Take All” and end the game.

Below is a brief overview of the balls:

  • Green: You move up the paytable ladder after drawing this ball.
  • Red: The blimp crashes, losing all the gains on the ladder.
  • Gold: There is only a single gold ball. It protects players against the next red ball. Also, it increases payout after the subsequent gold ball.

How to play Evolution’s Cash or Crash

Playing Cash or Crash is pretty straightforward. The only big decision to make is taking all, half, or continuing to play. With that said, start by firing up the game and choose the bet amount you want to place. The paytable will then transform into monetary amounts you can win as you progress up the ladder.

Then, the beautiful lass will draw the first ball. As said before, a green ball means advancing a single step up the ladder. If it’s indeed green, you can choose to continue with the bet as it is and get another ball. Or, take half your winnings and gamble the rest on the color of the next ball. Another alternative is to bank the win and call it a day.

Remember, the ladder collapses when the ‘wicked’ red ball is drawn, and the round ends there. For this reason, it’s advisable not to risk more than 5% of your total budget. Another strategy is to “Take Half” or “Take All” if the golden ball hasn’t been drawn yet.

Official statement from Evolution

Todd Haushalter, Evolution’s Chief Product Officer, said that the company would release more strategy and decision-making games this year. The aim is to expand their reach to new and broader audiences.

Speaking specifically about Cash or Crash, Mr. Haushalter said that this live game is all about strategy and skill. He continued that this is the most ‘generous’ game players will ever see online, and it doesn’t feature those complicated side bets. Just a pure gaming experience!

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