Most Common Live Online Baccarat Myths Busted

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To play baccarat online and win something, you have to separate facts from fiction. That’s because some baccarat myths are blown out of proportion. In fact, seasoned players will tell you that they only happen in Hollywood movies.

So, what are some of these fictitious stories you hear about baccarat that you want to be clarified? This article discusses five common myths you should never believe.

Most Common Live Online Baccarat Myths Busted

Baccarat Myth #1. Live Baccarat Results Are Rigged

When you play baccarat online for the first time, it’s okay to suspect results. After all, you can’t see what’s happening on the other side like you would in a traditional casino. But is it true that online live casinos rig baccarat results?

Depends! If you play on the best baccarat sites, you don’t have to worry about game results. Usually, the best live online casinos are licensed and regulated by no-nonsense bodies like the UKGC, MGA, and Curacao e-Gaming. Also, the games are from top aggregators like Evolution, Ezugi, Playtech, etc. So, play at a licensed casino to avoid blame games.

Baccarat Myth #2. Baccarat is for High Rollers

Wait, this myth was indeed a fact sometime back. Previously, only the stinking rich could play baccarat with their bottomless pits of money. However, much has changed, especially after the introduction of online live dealer casinos.

Though casinos disguise baccarat as a game for wealthy players, most gambling sites offer varying table limits. Currently, it’s possible to bet with as little as $1 per round. Even better, most live casinos offer baccarat bonuses, which players can use to boost their bankroll. All in all, online live baccarat is far from being an elitist game.

Baccarat Myth #3. Card Counting is a Working Strategy

If you like playing blackjack online or at a traditional casino, you need no introduction to card counting. Invented by Ed Thorp in the 1960s, card counting is a blackjack strategy where gamers can track the low and high cards remaining on the croupier’s deck.

Having said that, card counting won’t help much when playing live baccarat. Although both games use a similar deck of cards, the difference is that some cards, like aces and faces, favor players in blackjack. The same doesn’t apply when playing live dealer baccarat. So, it’s advisable to focus more on bankroll management rather than counting cards.

Baccarat Myth #4. There Are Winning Strategies in Baccarat

You don’t believe this myth, do you? As said above, counting cards or any other strategy won’t get you anywhere in baccarat. Like online slots, baccarat is purely a game of chance. Therefore, no amount of thinking can topple the house edge.

Unfortunately, some “experts” dupe players with fake baccarat systems just to make a few dollars from them. If you research keenly, you’ll come across multiple websites claiming to have winning strategies. But here is the plain truth: never believe a baccarat strategy one hundred percent.

Baccarat Myth #5. Tracking Betting Patterns May Help

Another misleading baccarat myth is that there are secret patterns to follow. But in reality, there is none. Always remember that live baccarat is a coin-flip casino game. In other words, you can’t predict the outcome of a game.

For example, if the banker wins five times consecutively, it doesn’t mean they’ll lose the next round. Just say the player and the banker have equal chances of winning a hand. But as a rule, the banker wins more often, thanks to the house edge.


Are you finally ready to take on live baccarat? If you're a fan of baccarat, don't let these common myths discourage you from enjoying the game. You only need to find a good live casino site and focus more on money management. Plus, never skip a chance to claim a baccarat bonus. You’ll be surprised how profitable this game can be.

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