10 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Guinea

Casino players across the globe enjoy the same feeling experienced while playing physical casinos when they play in live online casinos. At times people find it difficult to leave their homes or workplaces to play casinos. Luckily, for such people, technology has brought about live online casinos where they can enjoy themselves from the comfort of their homes.

Players have the chance to play online with other players in real-time. They also have the chance to interact during the game just like in land-based casinos. Live casinos have made it possible for casino lovers to participate in various games at any time of day that they find suitable.

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Choosing Live Casinos in Guinea

Guinea has yet to have its web gambling casino. With that, casino players are forced to use foreign casinos. With thousands of sites made available on the internet, it can be confusing for players to pick a great one to play their favorite live games.

It is advisable to use live casinos that have gambling licenses from trusted institutions. Some of the trusted institutions are UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Regulatory Body, Malta Gaming Authority, and AAMS Italy.

Players should always check the game collection in a live casino before registering. Some of the best casino games are provided by Ezugi, Evolution, Playtech, and Playtech.

Laws and Restrictions in Guinea

Casinos in Guinea were not completely legal up until 2007. That was when the parliament passed the Gaming Control Bill. Before then, the gambling laws in Guinea were not lenient. In 2004, an official notice was issued for all casinos to be closed within a deadline of 36 hours. The legalization of casinos in 2007 led to the creation of laws to help govern casino operations in Guinea.

Gaming Control Bill

The bill was passed in 2007 in parliament without any opposition. It not only allowed location-based live casinos and online live casinos to operate but also international live casinos. The bill requires casinos in the country to get a license from one of the provinces in the country.

Casino licenses in Guinea allow casinos to operate for 10 years. In addition, a twenty percent tax is levied on the annual revenue raised. Five percent of the twenty percent tax applied is used to help improve communities affected by gambling. Although the Gaming Control Bill did not face any issues during its passing, some churches and groups brought up issues about it in 2008. Some government officials claimed the activity was taking families further down the poverty line. Gambling sectors still run as usual since no substantial resistance has happened.

Authorized Games

A game authorized under the 2007 act is regarded as a lawful game. The law declares that casinos established under Part 3, gaming machines operating under part 4, and any other games allowed by the Act are lawful. Sections 233 and 234 of the 1974 Criminal Code Act do not apply to games authorized by the 2007 Act. Games not authorized by the Act are regarded unlawful.

Issuing of Permits

The Head of State may declare a moratorium period. That can be done through the issuance of a notice in the National Gazette following the advice given by the Minister. During the moratorium period, no casino licenses, casino employee's licenses, permits, operator's licenses, or gaming machine technician's licenses shall be issued according to the Act.

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